Sunday, 30 January 2011

spring/summer 2011 trends

Hi guys,
 it's been quite a long time since I last posted on my blog and yes I have an excuse... it has been due to my life changing exams....I have to do them, I have no choice :( . Right now I am taking a break from revising for my psychology exams...which is the last exam I have *dancing*. I am back on blogging and I will be blogging more, I am going to start making my blog more "entertaining" :D. This post is  based on the trends for spring summer 2011, the trends for this season are looking quite different and I find that it would suit anyone's style, so I'm very excited to try out these trends, here are some trends I found interesting on runways. Enjoy :)

The Dolce and Gabanna spring 2011 collection is very floral, I find the mix of 2 prints in one outfit very interesting. The collection looked very retro and it had elements of the 70's era, the wide legged trousers looked incredible. The collection got me thinking about gardening for some reason :s, i guess it's because of the floral prints and the green bag.

Alexander McQueen will forever have amazing designs. Personally i think this collection is amazing, from the soft colours to the very elaborate prints. The print on that dress is amazing it looks very complex yet chic for a cocktail dress. The gold dress by Mcqueen is just devine I love the way the dress is structured, just amazing!!. The Marc Jacobs collection shows trends that I think would be everywhere this spring, i love the bright coloured trousers, I also like the fact that they are flared reinforces the 70's trend. The fabric used in this collection looks stunning as it drapes very well, Jacob's collection also features prints; love the very retro trend.

Alot of designers featured a lot of bright colours in their collections, as well as muted colours. Prints look like they would be a huge hit this spring, a trend i might try :). What trends do you plan on wearing???

until next time