Friday, 22 April 2011

Vanity of a boost of confidence

Hi guys,
  I was actually bored after revising today and when I get bored a million things just come rushing to my head. In that mood I thought up a satire in my head....yes!! I write, you didn't see that coming did ya! ;) I have been described as a 'Jack of all trade' and in my case I'd like to believe a master of all :p.
This satire is not targeted at anyone, as it speaks to me as well. If you are offended or psychologically affected. don't hesitate to contact me....I kid :D. Enjoy.

blame it on the system, Vogue
we look so good in lipstick
or does lipstick look good on us,
as we advertise,
let me woo you with my ruby,
but we may be robbed by M.A.C's woo.

YSL tributes, Chanel 2.55, Louboutin Pigalle.
my favourite of all is Christian,
Yes, I'm referring to Louboutin
the red soled, covetous items of footwear?
but is it possible for your soul to be read whilst in Christian's shoes?

You are drenched in your YSL Cinema Eau de Parfum
I can't get a whiff of what you are.
following the footsteps of Blair Waldorf, Fashion monster?
she's just a character....not real, fiction
but somewhat realistic as you are a clone and you consider yourself 'real'?

You may not be a socialite
becoming the gossip, that has been blazed by a feared, faceless 'person',
her words could send you to purgatory.
yet you yield to this fiction and as it depicts your 'life',
you become faceless, fearful of yourself as you deteriorate physically and mentally.

All vanity?
For a boost of confidence?
What exactly have you become?

until next time

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Let me serenade you with my guitar.....

Hey guys,
     Today I had a photo shoot for my friend's short film and it went great!!:D. We went to the park to shoot the photographs and of course I wanted pictures of myself too :). my outfit was very simple and comfortable as I was "working"-doing what I love isn't exactly work :). Enjoy.

sorry I can't serenade you with my guitar, as I quit after a lesson :(... This is my friend's guitar

Jump? Why not? ....If not?

Ice Cream truck! well it wasn't that hot for anyone to consume ice cream :s

until next time 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

African print!

Hi Guys,
     The weather has been absolutely fabulous!!!... I don't know why I always make comments about the weather :/. I'm on my easter break this week, but it is not that much of a holiday as I am going to be busy with school work...not cool :(. On the bright side... I'm 18 in 2 months *hammer dance* and I'll be going to University in September!!! I'm so excited.
I decided to make an outfit post today since I haven't done one in a while. I hand-made this blouse myself!! :O) it is a Ghanaian print fabric and NO! I am not Ghanaian. Enjoy :)

until next time 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hey Sailor!!

Hi Guys,
      today was awesome! it's mother's day! I have to say my mum is one amazing, unique and I don't think anyone compares to her. My Love for her is indescribable.......enough of all the cheesiness :p. My sis and I had a  photo session today and I really liked her outfit. :)
                                                            photo overload ahead!! :D

LoL 'smizing' (smiling with the eyes) 

until next time