Friday, 12 November 2010

chuck taylors'.....

I had a free time on my hands and decided to crash my friend's lesson to take pictures!! :D Later on that evening, I decided to take some more pictures while my friends baked.... Just could not be bothered to bake!:) 

my friend working on her Tim Burton project.

Her sister actually looks like a model.(for bookings and enquires contact

I think her jumper looks cool :)

this was when I got bored and started taking random pictures :)

meet my friend's camera, Sigmund :)

my friend's work, amazing!!

everyone was camera shy....

smarties cookies

choclate cake

I found this bag very interesting :)

my lovely friends :)

I took pictures of converses ;)

until next time


Tosin said...

Looooool, sigmund XD
im gonna keep the name :D

ABIGAIL NY said...

LOVE that camera!! The pictures are great too!! And food so freggin yummy!

hiven said...

love the flame. these are lovely x hivennn. Enter my giveaway? Six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway, ending tonight.